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“Yoga teaches you how to listen to your body.”

Mariel Hemingway


As an entrepreneur and busy mom of 1 I know how crazy life can get!

Thank goodness there is Yoga and meditation to help us calm, de-stress, strengthen and re-energize our mind, body & soul!
We offer various Yoga Classes at our studio through out the week. All are welcome to join, regardless of fitness level! Class sizes are small and we use aromatherapy with essential oils in our classes at our studio!

 Yoga Classes

Flow Power Yoga: This is a class for anyone who needs a bit more intensity and challenge in their yoga practice. Strengthen, tone and work up a sweat in Vinyasa flow yoga class while we deepen our breathing practice and let go of anything that does not serve us anymore. Intermediate-advanced levels.

Hatha Yoga: This class is great for re-energizing, calming the mind and releasing sore muscles. Similar to Beginner Yoga, this class the next level for those who want a mix of beginner and intermediate level poses. Beginner-intermediate levels.

Yoga- Core: In this core Yoga class, you will discover how to strengthen your core, burn calories and relieve tension in your back. De-stress, stretch, build core strength and improve your posture in this Core Yoga class. All levels welcome!

Check our CLASS SCHEDULE for times of classes & Workshops.

Yoga Class Pricing

Single Class                            20

5 Class Pass                            75
10 Class Pass                         125
20 Class Pass                         200

3 Month Membership 270 (90 per month) or 250 if Paid in Full

Personal Training or Private Yoga Clients who want to take Yoga Classes, get a discount. Meet Up members also get a discount on the Yoga classes as well. CLICK HERE to join our meet up group!

Referral Program

For every friend of family member that your refer to our Yoga classes or Private Yoga Program, If they commit to any Yoga class bundles or Private Yoga sessions, we will give you 2 free yoga classes (if they get a yoga class bendle or membership) or 2 free Personal training or Private Yoga sessions (if they get a private yoga/personal training package) as a token of our appreciation!

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In-Studio Private Yoga Training ***
Introductory Offer: 6 Private Sessions for 270 (45 a session!)
After 6 Sessions are finished, Sessions are 50-60.
(All Private Yoga Clients receive Personalized Yoga Fitness & Nutrition Book)   

Private Yoga Sessions: If you have questions please contact us by phone or by filling out the form on the Services page.   
In-Home Private Yoga Training *** Please contact for more information.
(All Private Yoga Clients receive Personalized Yoga Fitness & Nutrition Book)  

In-Home Group Yoga (Outside of studio) *** Please Contact for more information.
Private Yoga Sessions: If you have questions please contact us by phone or by filling out the form on the Services page.     



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Please Note:

  • Students (25 & under) & Seniors (65+) receive a 10% discount on classes & membership (excluding Day Class Pass)

  • All prices include taxes.

  • Method of Payment: Cash, Cheque or Credit only


Refund Policy for Class Passes & Memberships

Class Passes & Memberships cannot be refunded or returned, exchanged or transferred between people. 5, 10 and 20 class passes expire six months from date of purchase.