Success Stories

I started training with Niki in the month of March with a goal of losing my belly fat with exercise.I took the 10 session package initially however I continued with the next level .I chose to move to the next level because in the interim I realized that it is not about losing weight in a given time, but about how fit we are. I started to get more active and fit with the exercise regime along with control on healthy diet. I have a very severe pain on my levator scapula muscle. Niki showed me exercises and I must say there was a difference. I don't have that much pain as I earlier used to have. Thanks a lot Niki for your support and encouragement! Hope to work with you again. -Deepa Sugar

I feel so energetic now after Niki helped me with her immense knowledge of Exercise and Nutrition. She started with simple exercises to strengthen my core after a C-section. Her entire workout and nutrition plan was focused on what results I wanted. Her diet plan is very helpful and nutritionally balanced. I was suffering from back pain and its completely gone now, Niki specially designed and modified the exercises and stretches for me to be able to do without hurting my back. By just following her plan I lost 15 lbs in just 2 months. She is an amazing person and very professional. My best wishes that she will continue to give her assistance for all those who needs a positive change in their lives!! -Vandana Sharma



When I first started doing the yoga classes, I had back pain and was feeling very stiff. After coming to several classes, my back pain reduced. I also felt very calm and relaxed after coming out of one of Niki's Yoga classes. I look forward to doing the yoga classes every week as they have helped me get rid of back pain and have made me more flexible. Thank you Niki! -Sammi B.



YOGA at the Learning Enrichment Foundation

It was a pleasure teaching new comers and giving the gift of Yoga to them!

It was a pleasure teaching new comers and giving the gift of Yoga to them!