Studio Schedule


Studio Calendar for Spring/Summer 2017

Summer is almost here and that means we have 1 more month to get fit for summer! On June 5th we are starting our Summer Slim Down Challenge! This is an online group challenge for those who want to get fit for summer and feel great and look great! Participants will learn about portion control, which macro nutrients are appropriate for their goals and be held accountable to exercising and eating healthy. They will receive motivation and support from myself and other challengers in the group. If you would like to get started, please call 647-210-2631.

Our Essential Yoga Workshop went really well! I can't wait to do the next workshop which is on June 5th. Come back soon as more information will be posted for the workshop and how to sign up and get registered for it.

June 18th is Father's Day. There will be no yoga class that morning, and Happy Father's Day to all the papa's out there!

This spring, we have Yoga and Boot-Camp classes running all month long, except on Mother's Day and the long weekend. Bring a friend to Boot-camp or Yoga, and if they purchase a package receive a 1 free yoga or boot-camp pass!*
*Minimum purchase for yoga is 5 classes and minimum purchase for boot-camp is 12 classes package. The client who brings the referral will get to chose which pass they receive.

Also, we are happy to announce that we have an online 5 Day Cleanse Challenge that detoxifies your body, promotes healthy digestion, reduces bloating and helps with weight-loss & fat burning using food found from your local grocery store! We are doing the cleanse as a group on May 15th in our Facebook group "5 Day Cleanse Challenge." 
For more details or to sign up for the 5 Day Cleanse Challenge, CLICK HERE.

On May 27th, we are having a Essential Oils & Yoga Workshop: Balance & Detoxification. If you would like more information or have inquiries, please call or email us.

After opening up and having a successful Grand Opening Event at our studio in Vaughan (111 Regina Rd, Unit 24), we're very excited to announce more Yoga classes and more Personal Training hours available!

New Power Yoga Classes starting Wednesday April 5th, 2017 at 12:00 PM. If you are interested in joining our class, or would like more information, feel free to call us at 647-210-2631.
Sunday Mixed Level Yoga Classes starting April 23rd at 10:00 AM. This class will continue most Sundays except for holiday weekends, Mother's Day & Fathers day.
Try out one of our yoga classes!! CLICK HERE to register for a Yoga Class.

On February 28th 2017, we started a high intensity boot-camp that focuses on toning, strengthening, burning fat and losing weight. This boot-camp is calledBikini Boot-Camp. For more information CLICK HERE. If you want to register, CLICK HERE.

*SPECIAL OFFER on In-Studio Personal Training! 6 One Hr Sessions for $270! (That's 45.00 a session! ) Rates after 6 sessions are done are between $50.00-60.00 per session. More sessions purchased, more of a discount offered. CLICK HERE to get started! Or if you have any inquiries, please call 647-210-2631.

**SPECIAL OFFER on In-Studio Partner Training (2 people trained together at the same time):
12 Sessions for 75 a session (that's 37.50 a session per person!) Rates after 12 sessions are done are between 80.00-90.00 per session. More sessions purchased, more of a discount offered. CLICK HERE to get started! Or if you have any questions, please call 647-210-2631.