Yoga Class Schedule

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Hello Fall!

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In June, we had a Chakra Balancing Workshop and received excellent feedback. Thank you to all the ladies who came to join us. We hope to see you at some of our other Chakra Balancing Workshops we have in the future..


Also, Spring is an excellent time to cleanse and rejuvenate our bodies. Over time our bodies take in toxins, and these toxins can disrupt our digestion, metabolism, hormones and our bodies ability to burn fat and build muscle. Sign up for our 10 Day DIY Body Rejuvenation Cleanse starting on May 9th. CLICK HERE to get your 10 Day DIY Body Rejuvenation Cleanse.


We had a wonderful time at the Boost Your Metabolism Workshop in March. All of the participants found it very informative and loved it. We can't wait to host the next ones.
Don't worry if you missed the one we did in March. Join us at our studio at our next DIY Boost Your Metabolism Workshop to learn how you can naturally Boost Your Metabolism, Burn Fat & Lean Up for Spring using these simple DIY tips!

Also, we are happy to announce that we have an online 10 Day Cleanse that detoxifies your body, promotes healthy digestion, balances hormones, reduces bloating and helps with weight-loss & fat burning using food found from your local grocery store! Join our facebook group "DIY Clean Eating and Wellness"