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Fall Fit'N'Fab-YOU-lous Challenge

Hey Strong Spiritual Mama's!

Fall is officially here!

It is time once again to get back on track and into a routine! 💃🏻 🌞

Fall is a beautiful time of the year! The leaves are changing colours, the kids are back to school and hustle and bustle of our busy lives begins.
Its great, except as empath's we often feel drained from taking on others energy. We tend to feel others emotions just by talking or coming into contact with people.
Not to mention anytime we're in a crowd of people, we tend to feel overwhelmed as we often have social anxiety and anxiety from dealing with so many emotions.
Plus, we're always helping others before thinking or helping ourselves.
Its our compassionate and empathetic nature. We can't help it, lol we like to help, even if we might not be able to!

Now wonder why we feel so drained all the time! And we usually get labelled as "lazy" or "selfish" which we are far from it!

Dealing with everyone else's emotions and our own is exhausting. Add on errands, helping others, dealing with kids, managing our social anxiety/anxiety, taking care of the family, house work, and working on a career. Where do we fit time in for ourselves, or even taking care of our health?

Sometimes even when we want to get back into a routine, it can be hard to stay consistent when we have such busy lives running errands, working, taking care of the family and etc.

Don't beat yourself up if you haven't been able to just stick to your workout plans and stay consistent! I totally get it.

Life happens and gets in the way sometimes. It happens to all of us.

We have to ask ourselves what is important?
What is important about getting healthy, losing weight or toning up?

The best investment you can make is in yourself and in your health. We only have one body, so we really should treat it well.

In the next fitness challenge, I'll be helping you:

💃🏻Set goals for yourself
💪🏽Strengthen & Tone up
👊Lose weight & rev up your metabolism
🍽Meal prep like a pro
🍏Learn how to make healthier food choices based on your goals
🍽 Portion meals better
😌learn relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety & stress
😌learn to release emotions and how to shield yourself as an empath
😀receive coaching from me &
👍receive ongoing motivation &support from myself and Strong Spiritual Mamas like you!

The best part is you can do this from home 🏡

or anywhere you would like!! 📱💻🖥

I believe in having balanced meals, as restrictive diets usually lead to failure or "falling off track" inconsistency.

🌺Daily meditation, challenges, recipe shares, motivation and ongoing support will be provided to you! 🌺

Exercising is the easy part. Eating healthy, taking care of your mind and pushing yourself through is the challenge!

When you're ready to improve your life, and look great & feel great for the fall, message or comment down below! I will message you with the details. :)

I'm excited to start this journey with you!

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