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Hi! I'm Niki Watts and I am Certified Personal Trainer,  Nutrition Wellness Specialist, and Yoga Instructor.

I create programs for busy women and moms who are overwhelmed and are struggling with managing their weight, stress levels and nutrition habits.
I guide them on how they can get more out of their workouts and healthy eating habits, while making it feel like it's not overwhelming or stressful.
I help give them the tools they need to look and feel totally fit, confident and energetic by showing these fabulous ladies how they can incorporate healthy habits daily into their lives!

I am passionate and I've got experience:

  • working as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Wellness Specialist for over 10 years, in several gyms, helping many women of all ages get fit, eat healthier and make that lifestyle change they need to improve their lives. Specializing in Women’s Weight-loss, Toning and Flexibility.

  • Has helped clients learn stretches, yoga poses and exercises to help improve posture, reduce pain and stiffness from muscle imbalances and poor posture. Personal experience managing chronic pain due to scoliosis, sciatica and plantar faciitis through exercise, stretching and Yoga. Yoga and stretching have helped me reduce the pain and stiffness that I feel and help keep me moving. Currently, has almost completed her 200 RYT and is working towards becoming a yoga Therapist.

  • Helps clients who have anxiety and depression use exercise, yoga and mindful breathing as natural tools to help manage their symptoms. Personal Experience managing anxiety & Depression (diagnosed with G.A.D. & Depression over 8 years ago) and uses exercise, eating right, yoga, Mindfulness & aromatherapy to help manage symptoms of anxiety & depression.

  • Has helped clients do food cleanses and detoxes to improve their health, lose weight and improve their digestion and metabolism. Detoxing, eating gluten free and clean eating as that what's helped me reduce digestion issues, symptoms of G.E.R.D, and helped me lose weight (25 Lbs in 6 months) and get my energy back. It also helped me balance hormones, my moods, and really gave me a second lease on life!

  • teaching self defense classes and currently working towards black belt.

Which has given me the expertise to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals so you can feel great, inside and out!

And when I’m not Training clients and teaching classes, I can usually be found doing art or making music with my lil monster, gardening or getting spiritual by playing with my tarot, pendulum and playing with my crystals.

Interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help you? Here’s what to do now

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Tai Fitness is a Personal Training and Yoga company based in Woodbridge area Vaughan.

We offer 1 on 1 and Group Training, Yoga classes and workshops at our studio.

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Niki Watts, P.T.S., N.W.S., YogaFit Instructor Founder/Instructor

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