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We help busy women and mothers that are out of shape and exhausted all the time, and show them how they can boost their metabolism and energy naturally,
so they can get fit, be strong and be their confident vibrant-energetic self again.
In as less than 3 months, from our private studio, you can avoid wasting time

Trying to figure out which exercises to do only to have little to no results.

Learn how to exercise efficiently and safely with a Expert Trainer 1 on 1 or in a small group to lose weight and tone, so you can focus on doing the things you love and start feeling & looking absolutely amazing!


Check out our suite of programs all geared to help you get your energy back, love life, feel and look great!

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Many of our clients who have worked 1 on 1 or in a small group setting, have achieved results such as:

  • Losing 15 Lbs in 2 Months*

  • Had a significant increase in strength & tone

  • Increased their metabolism and energy

  • Learned about proper form & how to exercise

  • Reduced pain in back, shoulders and knees

  • Became more flexible and relaxed

  • Ate healthier and cleaner based on their goals

  • Learned how to make healthier food choices and how to portion food

  • Lost inches in their hips & waistline

  • Built strength, tone and definition all over their body!


Whether you're on the go with the kids, family and work, I can help  show you how to take control of your health through healthy eating, fitness, yoga and mindfulness, so you can get back to being a more energetic, happier and confident version of you for yourself & your loved ones, which will allow you to feel happier and get back to doing the things you love!

*Results may vary. These results were based on clients who worked out 1 on 1,  3x per week, and were consistent with their training & nutrition every week, and followed the nutrition & fitness recommendations that were prescribed in their Personalized Fitness & Nutrition guide.

Discover how much fun you can have while improving your health and well-being!

Find out how you can flatten your tummy, look and feel great!

 Goal Mapping Success Session Today!!

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Positively changing busy women's lives, one client at a time!


Testimonials From Clients

I feel so energetic now after Niki helped me with her immense knowledge of Exercise and Nutrition. She started with simple exercises to strengthen my core after a C-section. Her entire workout and nutrition plan was focused on what results I wanted. Her diet plan is very helpful and nutritionally balanced. I was suffering from back pain and its completely gone now, Niki specially designed and modified the exercises and stretches for me to be able to do without hurting my back. By just following her plan I lost 15 lbs in just 2 months. She is an amazing person and very professional. My best wishes that she will continue to give her assistance for all those who needs a positive change in their lives!! -Vandana Sharma

I started working with Niki in the fall of 2016. I had a lot of trouble sticking to a gym routine and always felt really overwhelmed going to a big gym and having no idea where to start. After meeting Niki and doing an assessment I immediately felt comfortable and excited to learn about working out! Niki was friendly and welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. She also created a personalized binder for me that was designed to help me achieve my goals. For me, it focused a lot of proper stretching and nutrition. As we started and continued to work twice a week, I quickly felt myself falling in love with weights and cardio. Each session was well organized and she always ensured to give me copies of our workout sheets so I could continue doing those exercises on my own. Niki always encouraged me to push myself and my limits and in no time I went from barely being able to list 20 pounds to bench pressing 50 like a champion! Niki at Tai Fitness is fantastic! She was always extremely friendly and helpful. She went above and beyond by coming to work with me in my own gym. She always pushed me through particularly tough workouts when I wasn't trying my best and made me feel like a champion after each one. She also offered to have my visit her studio for Yoga classes. She is definitely an all-in-one fitness pro! I highly recommend her! Niki was there for me every step of the way with encouragement, information and helpful tips to keep me going strong! If you’ve felt the need to get someone to help you get started or to reach any fitness goal, Niki is the girl for you!  -Ali Neil

I really enjoy my time with Niki. We have great conversations and love to share and learn with her. But beyond that.... she’s an awesome trainer!!! I’m so grateful for her and her expertise. She’s knowledgeable and I trust what she does with me because I saw the difference. I actually saw the difference between me working out on my own and me working out with her. She made a difference in my life and I value her. So much so that I’m gonna get sessions for my daughter as well! Can’t wait to see the difference ! your awesome Niki and thank you soooo much! -Elena Di Leo

Niki Watts exudes superb professionalism and friendship in the health industry. She not only treats her clients like family but also maintains skill and strength in her knowledge of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. Niki Watts creator of Tai Fitness demonstrate a passion for her business as she consistently seeks new and innovative ways to help her clients excel towards their goals. She shares her online healthy recipes, frequent health questions and answers, adaptable exercise routines and her new concepts of teaching is expanding. I am able to get information instantly when needed. She satisfies my health concerns within reach. Niki improves the lifestyles of her clients with varies classes such as Yoga, Booty Camp, Beach Body, Health and Wellness workshops, Essential Oil workshops and she provides informative daily postings on Facebook and Instagram reaching out to her clients, followers as well as those she has touched emotionally and served professionally. -Kathy Khoia

Niki at Tai Fitness is amazing! 
She always goes above and beyond to help people with there goals. She is very motivating, and uses natural resources to help you be your best self both physically and mentally! I have learned so much from her and will always recommend her to anyone. I love the combination of both natural healing and fitness! -Crystal Sutcliffe

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